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WebFocus Users Group

This is a discussion group for users of Information Builders WebFocus Interactive Reporting Software.

West Avenue Afterschool

West Ave is an after school support program for grade school students in Windham/Willimantic. Volunteers would volunteer one day a week to go to the West Avenue Community Center to help the children with homework as well as plan and run other activities.

West Indian Student Organization (WISO)

The purpose of the West Indian Student Organization is to encourage and nurture unity among West Indian students by providing relevant info about the West Indian culture in order to promote multiculturalism and to expand awareness of the West Indies.

Western Team, The UConn (UCWT)

A Western riding team in the IHSA circuit. Riders compete against other colleges in Western Horsemanship and Reining classes to earn points for themselves as well for the team as a whole.

Whitewater, UConn (Kayaking Club)

UConn Whitewater is dedicated to sharing the experience of whitewater kayaking with the UConn community.

WHUS Radio

WHUS is UConn's center for multimedia production. WHUS operates a radio station, an audio/video production studio, and a recording studio. Find us at 91.7 FM and online at

Wildlife Society UConn Chapter, The (The Wildlife Society UConn Chapter)

The Wildlife Society UConn Chapter is a recognized student chapter of The Wildlife Society. We hold weekly meetings featuring presentations by wildlife professionals and researchers,various community service events, and sponsor field trips.

Windham Area Interfaith Ministry (WAIM)

WAIM is a non-profit organization that services low-income families in the Willimantic area.

Windham Heights After School Tutorial Program

Windham Heights After School Tutoring Program emphasizes student academic and social development through 1-on-1 and small group homework help tutoring that stresses reading. The program targets youth in grades 1st-6th.

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