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Veg Huskies

Veg Huskies is a club for anyone who is vegan, vegetarian (or interested in learning about either lifestyle) and wants to advocate for animals' rights.

Veteran Students Organization

We are driven to facilitate networking among veterans through both on and off campus activities. The organization conducts formal and informal meetings and remains involved with HDFS veteran mentoring class.

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

VSA strives to preserve and promote the Vietnamese culture through various events such as charity, cultural shows, trips, and collaboration with other VSAs. We encourage anyone with interest in Vietnamese culture to join!

Volleyball Club, UConn Men's

We compete with other club teams on the regional and national levels.

Volleyball Club, UConn Women's

The Women's Club Volleyball team competes throughout the year playing teams within the region. The team participates in highly competitive tournaments such as a national ranking tournament, leagues, and nationals.