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U Content

The mission of UContent is to develop a healthy well-being and improve emotional intelligence, while encouraging individuals to put themselves first and understand that happiness is a choice. Overall, our goal is to create happiness within.

UC Soul Collective (UCSC)

The UCSC is a group of musicians dedicated to bring funk and soul music to the University of Connecticut. Join us for a Funkalicious good time.


UCC UConn is a student-led group affiliated with Storrs Congregational Church. We provide an open and affirming place for all to gather in fellowship, service, and faith exploration. Our main project is an annual disaster relief spring break trip.

UConn Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life (Center)

The UConn Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life offers courses in Judaic studies and runs programming throughout the semester. Come to one of our events or stop by our office in the Dodd Center!

UConn Education Abroad

Become a global citizen! The University of Connecticut offers over 250 study abroad programs in 65 countries.

UConn Late Night

UConn Late Night offers programming for students every Friday and Saturday night in the Student Union from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am. All students are welcome to join the fun and enjoy the activities that happen each week.

UCTV (UConn Student Television) (UCTV)

Run completely by students, we strive to be the main source for campus and local sports, news, event coverage, and entertainment.

Udall Scholarship Nominating Committee (ONS Udall)

The University of Connecticut's official nominating body for the prestigious Udall Scholarship.

Ukrainian Student Association (USA)

The Ukrainian Student Association encourages the promotion of Ukrainian culture, language, history, art, and food both on and off campus. We reach out to Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians alike to join us at our meetings, fundraisers, and various events.

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