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Daily Campus, The (The Daily Campus)

The Daily Campus is a completely student-run publication with opportunities to get involved in writing, designing, copyediting, web design and photography as well as sales and marketing.

Graduate Student Senate (GSS)

As one of the five deliberative bodies at this University, the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is the sole body charged with the representation of graduate students on issues concerning the university's community and administration.

Nutmeg Publishing (Nutmeg)

Student run organization that publishes an annual yearbook featuring the graduating class and quarterly magazine that highlights UConn student life, events, and culture.


UConnPIRG is an advocate for the public interest. We use the time-tested tools of investigative research, media exposés, grassroots organizing, advocacy and litigation. We work on issues like the environment, homelessness, and higher education reform.

Residence Hall Association, UConn (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) has existed in many forms throughout UConn's history. Today, the organization strives to represent over 12,000 graduate and undergraduate residents at the University of Connecticut.

Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) (SUBOG)

SUBOG is a student-run programming board on campus that puts on events that include, but are not limited to: major concerts, well-known comedians, respected speakers and campus community activities. SUBOG also governs the policies of the Student Union.

UCTV (UConn Student Television) (UCTV)

Run completely by students, we strive to be the main source for campus and local sports, news, event coverage, and entertainment.

Undergraduate Student Government (USG)

Student Government has been a part of the University Community since 1894. USG exists to represent and advocate for undergraduate students, oversee student fee revenue, and enhance the general University of Connecticut Community.

WHUS Radio

WHUS is UConn's center for multimedia production. WHUS operates a radio station, an audio/video production studio, and a recording studio. Find us at 91.7 FM and online at