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Table Tennis Club, UConn

To provide a club sport where students can improve their skills as a table tennis player and compete in the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association.

Taekwondo Club, UConn (UConn TKD)

-The UConn TaeKwonDo team is a Club Sport focused on competition sparring. Practices are three times per week in the Hawley Armory. Please join our facebook group for more information!

Taekwondo Huskies Demonstration Team (T-Huskies)

The T-Huskies performs widely on campus in aims to spread the Korean culture and traditional martial art. Everyone is very welcomed to join our club to learn about Taekwondo, to get in shape, or just to have fun.

Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)

Taiwanese Students Association (TSA) provides opportunities for Taiwanese and non-Taiwanese students to experience and learn about Taiwanese culture.

Tap Club

The Tap Club is an organization open to all students, regardless of Tap dance experience. It is a group for students interested in learning, improving, and practicing their tap skills in a fun and welcoming environment.

Tap Team, UConn

UConn Tap Team is a dance group that performs on campus, and competes regionally and nationally. Dances are choreographed by local professional dance instructors. Auditions are required. Members are expected to commit to a strict attendance policy.


Tarang is a cultural organization that was created to bring the South Asian community at the University of Connecticut together to help promote and preserve the cultures and traditions of our home countries of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan

Tau Beta Pi (TBP - CTB)

The Engineering Honor Society, recognizing achievements in the study of engineering, and providing service to the community. Integrity and Excellence in Engineering.

Tau Beta Sigma

Tau Beta Sigma is a co-ed honorary service sorority based on serving music programs at the university level as well as in local communities while recognizing outstanding members of the university bands.

Tea Education and Appreciation Club (TEA Club)

TEA Club is a place for tea lovers to come together to learn about, discuss, and enjoy tea.

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