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3D Printing Club (3DPC)

3DPC promotes awareness and understanding of current and future 3D printing technologies, and introduces students to the use of 3D printers while cultivating a creative space. (Spring 2017: Meetings every Monday at 7:00pm in E2 Building, Room 303)

Airsoft Club

To promote Airsoft as an activity for the students and faculty at the UConn Storrs campus and to hold regular meetings and games for members and prospective members to participate in club politics and sporting events.

Alpha Phi Omega (APO)

Alpha Phi Omega is a national, co-ed service fraternity that has set the standard for college campus-based volunteerism. We strive to help each individual develop leadership skills, make friends, and provide service to others.

Alzheimer's Association, UConn

We are the UCONN Alzheimer's Association!

American Sign Language Club (ASL Club)

The primary focus of the University of Connecticut’s American Sign Language Club is to bring together individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds to learn more about ASL and Deaf culture. We also put our efforts into educating the UConn community

Cannoli Club (CC)

A safe place for fans of the classic Italian treat - the cannoli. Our organization aims to educate, entertain, and elevate cannoli consumption on campus.

Car Club, The UConn (UC3)

The UConn Car Club is a social organization that looks to bring motorsport and performance-oriented enthusiasts and automotive networks together in the pursuit of enjoyment and learning.

Chess Club, UConn (Chess Club)

Organize and play chess, learn its various strategic and tactical elements. Participate in national and regional tournaments as well as tournaments against other schools.

Coalition of Writers (UCOW), The UConn (UCOW)

A safe environment for aspiring writers to workshop and critique their work in a peer setting. Writers of all ages, majors, area specialty, and experience are welcome.

Cosmetics Club

Cosmetics Club exists to offer all UConn students the opportunity to learn about the application of makeup in a safe and welcoming environment. We strive to offer fun and educational meetings, and the opportunity to meet others with the same passion.

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