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Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Lean how to meditate for free! It will boost your focus and study performance

Sailing Team, UConn (Sailing Team)

The University of Connecticut Sailing Team is a student run club sport. Every weekend during the fall and spring the team competes in regattas throughout New England and is a member of NEISA.


The mission of Sankofa is to raise awareness around African American Studies, the black experience in America, and the African Diaspora as a whole.


Carnatic Music is the oldest form of music originating from India. Carnatic Music is classical devotional Indian Music written in numerous languages. This club will be devoted to practicing, performing, and spreading Carnatic Music throughout UConn.

Saturday Smash, UConn (USS)

A club dedicated to the enjoyment of the Super Smash Bros. series by Nintendo. Welcomes both casual and hardcore players alike. Engages in 1v1 tournaments, Amiibo battles, and 8-player smash battles on Wii U. Also supports Project M and Smash 64.

Scared Scriptless

Scared Scriptless Short Form Improvisational Comedy is a student run performance group specializing in short form improvisational comedy. Meetings are open, and membership is available to anyone. No tryouts.

School Counseling Honors Society, UConn (UConn School Counseling Honors Society)

UCONN School Counseling Honor Society values academic and professional excellence in counseling.

School of Nursing Class of 2019 Officers

Elected officers from the School of Nursing Class of 2019. We are responsible for striving to help our class be the best it possibly can be. That includes fundraising, organizing events, being role models, and collaborating with other groups at school.

Scouting Association, UConn (USA)

The UConn Scouting Association (USA) is an organization open to anyone who has ever been interested in any or all of the many forms of scouting. The club focuses on community service, outdoor adventures, and both professional and personal development.

Scuba Club

SCUBA Club is a great club to get involved in if you love the ocean or adventure sports. Certified divers looking for a buddy? (or a few?) This is definitely the place to be. Not certified? No worries! We welcome everyone :)

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