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Orthodox Christian Fellowship (UConn OCF)

We are a branch of the national organization of Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) designed to encourage and promote a community of Orthodox students and those interested in learning more about the faith by giving back to our surrounding community.

Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality (PODS)

The Pagan Organization serves a spiritual diversity and support group for those of alternative religions.

Praise Dance Ministry, UConn

Our mission is to reach those that are spiritually in need, and introduce them to endless possibilities they have through faith and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to encourage, motivate and uplift others through the movement arts.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

RUF at the University of Connecticut is committed to reaching students for Christ and equipping students to serve His church and kingdom.

Sikh Student Association, UConn (SSA)

The UConn SSA strives to raise awareness of the Sikh religion and way of life in the community. We aim to reach others through the Sikh tradition of Sewa (Selfless Service) in the hopes of leaving our campus and community a better place than we found it.


UCC UConn is a student-led group affiliated with Storrs Congregational Church. We provide an open and affirming place for all to gather in fellowship, service, and faith exploration. Our main project is an annual disaster relief spring break trip.

Young Life College (YoungLife)

Young Life College is a place for old and new friends of Young Life to meet, get involved and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a nondenominational organization that reaches out to the UConn campus as well as to local high schools!

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