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Aish UConn

A Jewish organization promoting Jewish knowledge, education, and experience

Alpha Omega Christian Club

Do you know the real Jesus? No? Well let's find out. Together. Come and study out the bible, and join the fellowship.

Athletes In Action (AIA)

Committed to helping student-athletes come to know Christ and to apply Biblical principles to their sport and life. We are a group of varsity and club athletes.

BAPS Campus Fellowship (BCF)

This organization garners and enriches the cultural and ethical values within youths interested in the Hindu culture. This organization enables youths to stay connected to their cultural roots and preserve their ethical beliefs.

Bridge, The

The Bridge provides an opportunity on Sunday evening for students to worship God through music, biblical teaching, and enjoy loving fellowship. Join us every Sunday at 6:00pm at Hope Lutheran Church.

Campus Youth for Christ (CYFC)

An open Christian youth group that aims to spread faithful values and teachings to help mold positive lifestyles and a brightened society.

Chi Alpha Christian Ministries (XA)

The mission of Chi Alpha is to reconcile students to Jesus Christ, thereby serving the university, the marketplace, and the world. The organization is committed to being a community of worship, prayer, fellowship,discipleship, and mission.

Chinese Christian Fellowship, UConn

UConn Chinese Bible Study Group is a fellowship for Chinese-speaking students and scholars at UConn who seek faith in God. We welcome everyone to join our bible study to learn more about Jesus Christ.

Christian Students On Campus (CSOC)

As Christian Students on Campus (CSOC) our focus is provide an avenue for all His believers to come together to pursue, enjoy and experience Christ! We love the Lord Jesus, we love His word, and we love having fellowship with all the members of His Body!

Coptic Orthodox Youth Association, UConn (UCOYA)

We are a Coptic Orthodox fellowship group designed to encourage and promote a community students with a common interest and giving back to the community.

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