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Racquetball, UConn (Racquetball Club, UConn)

We play racquetball in competitive tournaments in the Eastern Collegiate Racquetball Conference. We welcome new and experienced players. Practice is Mondays 5-7 and Tuesdays/Wednesdays 8-10pm at the racquetball courts in the rec center.

Real Estate Society, UConn

The University of Connecticut Real Estate Society strives to give students exposure to all facets of Commercial Real Estate, unite undergraduates with a common interest and promote interactions between students and alumni.

Real Slow Food at UConn (RSFU @ UConn)

We are a combination of the Slow Food Movement and the Real Food Challenge. We aim to improve the culture of food on our campus by coming together to enjoy and promote whole, healthy, organic, local, and fair trade food.

Reckless Gents Comedy Troupe, The

We are an audition-based long form improv and sketch comedy group! If you know what that means, then sweeeet! You should try out or come to a show. If you don't, search "ASSSCAT" or "Whose Line is it Anyway" on youtube and watch some videos.

Recreational Tennis (RT)

This organization will be a non-competitive group of people interested in improving their tennis skills getting together to play games. People of all skill levels are welcome to join!

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

RUF at the University of Connecticut is committed to reaching students for Christ and equipping students to serve His church and kingdom.

Rescue, UConn (UConn Rescue)

Allow certified EMTs and those interested in EMS at UConn to utilize their skills to gain experience in the medical field while assisting our local Storrs community.

Residence Hall Association, UConn (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) has existed in many forms throughout UConn's history. Today, the organization strives to represent over 12,000 graduate and undergraduate residents at the University of Connecticut.

Resident Assistant for Social Justice Education (RASJE)

Through education and collaboration we support, and help lead, the creation of a respectful and inclusive culture within the UConn community. Unrestricted opportunity and participation of all identities is our goal: moving awareness towards action.

Resident Assistants-ResLife (RA Program)

RAs are student peer leaders responsible for communities of residents living on-campus. The RA position is a premiere leadership experience and one of the most challenging and fulfilling opportunities at UConn.

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