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Moot Court Competition Team, UConn

This organization prepares undergraduate UConn students for an annual competition held by the American Collegiate Moot Court Association. Moot Court is a simulation of oral arguments in front of the supreme court.

Moot Court, UConn (UMC)

This organization's purpose is to encourage and educate high school students on the application of Constitutional law by organizing and hosting an annual competition as a simulation of an appeals case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

National Council of Negro Women, INC (NCNW)

The National Council of Negro Women, founded in 1935, unites women from diverse segments of the community to work on improving the quality of life for women.

National Organization for Women, The UConn Chapter (CT NOW) (UConn NOW)

To promote activism through advocacy and education for the achievement of equity at the University and within the community at large.

Revolution Against Rape (R.A.R.)

Revolution Against Rape is a student organization committed to ending the rape culture through education, activism, and reform. Revolution Against Rape seeks to empower and support survivors and promote awareness of sexual violence.

Student Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ)

The mission of the Student Coalition for Social Justice is to create a sustainable social justice community by promoting solidarity in campus activism through collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)

The UConn chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine is dedicated to fostering dialogue that will promote a better understanding of issues facing the Palestinian people and the state of Palestine.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy, UConn (UConn SSDP)

We work to educate students on issues involving drugs and drug policy while advocating for a sensible, harm-reduction based approach to drug use and abuse.

Veg Huskies

Veg Huskies is a club for anyone who is vegan, vegetarian (or interested in learning about either lifestyle) and wants to advocate for animals' rights.

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