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College Republicans, UConn Chapter (UConn College Republicans)

UConn's main organization for conservative- and libertarian-minded students! We Meet every Tuesdays at 8PM in ITE 336!

Empower, UConn

A student group helping to bring about long-term change by empowering the underprivileged to help themselves through public health, education, and other empowerment initiatives. We hold large events that put the FUN back in fundraisers.

Freethinkers, UConn

A campus group for atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, and like-minded individuals. We meet in room 211 in MSB every Thursday at 8:00pm. Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend our meetings.

International Relations Association (IRA)

The International Relations Association is re-establishing on campus! Please contact if you are interested in getting involved!


A club for anyone who enjoys trivia, whether it's playing Trivial Pursuit with friends, or competing in NAQT tournaments against Quiz Bowl teams from other schools.

Law Society, The UConn (Law Society)

The UConn Law Society seeks to bring together and educate undergraduate students who are pre-law, or simply interested in the American legal process. We achieve this by providing various speakers and events. Visit us at

Mock Trial Society, UConn (UCMTS)

A student-run organization that revolves around a criminal or civil case that requires students to act in the role of lawyers and witnesses.

Model Congress (MoCo)

Debate-rich simulation of US Congress.

Moot Court Competition Team, UConn

This organization prepares undergraduate UConn students for an annual competition held by the American Collegiate Moot Court Association. Moot Court is a simulation of oral arguments in front of the supreme court.

Moot Court, UConn (UMC)

This organization's purpose is to encourage and educate high school students on the application of Constitutional law by organizing and hosting an annual competition as a simulation of an appeals case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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