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Gospel Choir Club, UConn

The official Gospel Choir of the University of Connecticut is open to all students and non students. There are no auditions required for entry in the choir. We are here to sing, minister to others, and enjoy ourselves in the celebration of music.

Graduate Art Alliance (GAA)

We aim to be ambassadors of the visual arts to the UConn community, raising awareness and encouraging participation in art events, exhibitions, conferences, and lectures by visiting artists and scholars.

Hip-Hop Initiative, UConn (UCHHI)

To create a community of people who wish to celebrate Hip Hop in a positive manner. Promote unity and creativity using Hip Hop culture as a platform.

Horse Lincoln Improv

We are an improv group dedicated to teaching Long Form improvisation and performing in Connecticut and beyond!

Husky Bhangra (HB)

Husky Bhangra is UConn's premier dance team! We are a nationally competitive team that is always looking for new members to join. We actively work hard to compete and place at competitions around the world.

Husky Hungama

Husky Hungama is UConn's South Asian Fusion Acapella group! The group consists of a four-part acapella group that fuses Western music with traditional and modern South Asian music.

Irish Dance Team, UConn (UC Irish)

To promote Irish culture through music and dance.

Kodama Taiko, UConn

UConn Taiko is a Japanese-style drum group. At our practices, we learn about Japanese Culture, practice proper form and technique, learn pieces, play with rhythmic improvisation and rehearse for performances. No experience required to join.

Malignant Humor

Malignant Humor is UConn’s newest audition Improvisational Comedy Troupe. We focus on long-form and short-form performances, as well as the general education of improv and comedy.

NAFME: The National Association for Music Education, The UConn Collegiate Chapter of (NAfME)

This organization provides membership to the NAfME collegiate chapter of UConn. Its purpose is to provide music education majors with opportunities to learn more about their field, reach out to the community, and seek professional development.