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A Cappella Association, UConn (UCACA)

This organization is formed to benefit the a cappella groups on campus by providing a forum to discuss issues and goals of individual a cappella groups. The organization will also work to promote the awareness of a cappella across campus.

A Minor

A Minor is a co-ed a cappella group that originated out of the Asian American Cultural Center. We perform for on-campus, off-campus, and charity events. Our diverse repertoire includes everything from hip-hop to alternative songs.

Alima International Dance Association (AIDA) (Alima)

Our goal is to teach members and surrounding community about cultural differences through the art of dance and music.

All-Stars, The UConn

Step and dance team, performing a rhythm with synchronized movements of hands and feet.

Association of Ceramic Artists (Clay Club)

The goal of The Association of Ceramic Artists is to facilitate a space where ceramic artists can utilize each other's skills and build upon their new found knowledge in order to widen the scope of ceramics on campus.

Ballroom Dance, UConn (UConn Ballroom)

The Club offers classes in social American ballroom dance to students, faculty, staff and the local community. The Team learns in both American and International styles of ballroom dance at all levels and competes at colleges all over the Northeast.

Benton Museum Art Collective, The

The Benton Museum Art Collective is a club for all students on campus. We aim to bring art to Uconn in a fun way through trips, programs, contests, and other events with the William Benton Museum!

Blue Line Brass Band

A brass band to continue the tradition of playing New Orleans second line music.

Chamber Orchestra Club, UConn (UC Chamber)

The purpose of UC Chamber shall be to spread music appreciation through the coordination of performances. UC Chamber will work toward its goals by performing one in-house concert per semester, and support charitable events.

Choirs, UConn (UConn Choirs)

The official club of the University of Connecticut Choirs. We include Women's Choir, Collegiate Choir, Chamber Choir, Collegium Musicum, Men's Choir, and Concert Choir. We promote choral art throughout the school and local community.

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