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Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality (PODS)

The Pagan Organization serves a spiritual diversity and support group for those of alternative religions.

Page to Stage Productions, UConn (Page to Stage)

UConn playwrights, thespians, and stage hands working together to create and produce both published works and student written musicals and dramas in a professional theatre setting. Meeting Time: Thursdays 6:30pm-8:30pm in Family Studies 18

Paintball Club, UConn (Paintball Club)

We are the University's Paintball Team, featuring both a recreational club, and a tournament team which competes at a National Level. We also help organizations with paintball related events.

Pakistani Community at UConn

The Pakistani Community at UConn's main goal is to provide students, both Pakistani and non-Pakistani, with a place to learn about, promote and share the diversity of culture as well as strengthen the bonds between Pakistani students, on and off campus.

Pan Asian Council (PAC)

The official hub of information for Asian American student organizations that promotes awareness through social, cultural, and interpersonal activities by allowing for community involvement, personal development, and networking.

Paws and Claws, UConn

The mission of this organization is to promote the welfare of animals and educate the public about animal-related issues. We want to facilitate the adoption of animals in shelters, increase awareness, volunteer & make contributions to animal shelters.

Peer Drug and Alcohol Wellness Group, UConn (UP DAWG)

UP DAWG is a peer education program where students facilitate programs for other students on the topic of alcohol and other drugs. Students gain valuable public speaking and leadership skills and a thorough knowledge of alcohol and other drugs.

Pencils of Promise at UConn (P.o.P at UConn)

Pencils of Promise at UCONN fosters the common goal of education for all with emphasis on the University Community. We believe that as students, we have the ability to empower children globally by providing the same opportunities of education we have.

Peruvian Student Association (PERSA)

The purpose of the organization is to provide UConn students the opportunity to learn about the Peruvian culture, enhance their leadership skills as well as their philanthropy skills, and establish a sense of family within the organization.

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