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Malignant Humor

Malignant Humor is UConn’s newest audition Improvisational Comedy Troupe. We focus on long-form and short-form performances, as well as the general education of improv and comedy.

Management and Engineering for Manufacturing Society (MEM Society)

MEM Society assists in the education and professional development of students interested in management, manufacturing, and engineering. The society will also serve to expose its members to different aspects within the work force.


ManyMentors is dedicated to using mobile, online, & onsite mentoring to connect middle & high school students with current UConn students so their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields is inspired, encouraged & supported

Marketing Society, UConn

We are open to students of all majors who are curious about the field of marketing. We bring in guest speakers, connect you with key faculty and professional individuals, and get you excited about future job opportunities!

Material Advantage, UConn (UCMA)

A joint organization sponsored and formed by four international professional societies. UCMA is open to all and focuses on outreach as well as professional development for its members. With banquets and conferences, it's sure to be a great year!

Math Club, UConn (Math Club)

Please check out our schedule of Math Club meetings by clicking the Events tab above or by going to our Math Department/Facebook websites, which have links located in the upper right.



Medical Humanitarian Society, UConn (MHS)

We are a non-profit organization that engages in community service projects to benefit under-privileged and vulnerable populations stricken by medical disaster. Along with these projects, the group will raise awareness about health and wellness issues.


MEDLIFE serves to implement public health, through coordination of medical brigades to Peru and Ecuador; which supplement the permanent framework of the organization in these countries and work towards a sustainable healthcare for the underserved people.

Men's Club Basketball, UConn

The UConn Men's Club Basketball was created for students with a passion for basketball . Students meet at specific times in the week and play competitive pick up games. It is also a good way to foster friendships centered around the love for the sport.

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