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Phase Zero

Physical fitness club that follows the training of Special Operations forces in the military. Strenuous training that involves cardio, calisthenics, swimming, and ruck marches as a group.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Lean how to meditate for free! It will boost your focus and study performance

Scuba Club

SCUBA Club is a great club to get involved in if you love the ocean or adventure sports. Certified divers looking for a buddy? (or a few?) This is definitely the place to be. Not certified? No worries! We welcome everyone :)

Ski & Snowboard Club, UConn (Ski and Snowboard Club, UConn)

We bring together students who enjoy participating in winter sports activities (i.e. skiing, snowboarding, etc.). We run trips all winter long to resorts all across the US, offering week-long trips, weekend trips, and day trips. WELCOME

Student American Physical Therapy Assn. (SAPTA) (SAPTA)

-UConn division of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). SAPTA serves to promote the APTA and physical therapy profession by providing involvement opportunities for UCONN PT students. This is a graduate student organization.

Taekwondo Huskies Demonstration Team (T-Huskies)

The T-Huskies performs widely on campus in aims to spread the Korean culture and traditional martial art. Everyone is very welcomed to join our club to learn about Taekwondo, to get in shape, or just to have fun.

Tap Club

The Tap Club is an organization open to all students, regardless of Tap dance experience. It is a group for students interested in learning, improving, and practicing their tap skills in a fun and welcoming environment.

U Content

The mission of UContent is to develop a healthy well-being and improve emotional intelligence, while encouraging individuals to put themselves first and understand that happiness is a choice. Overall, our goal is to create happiness within.

Whitewater, UConn (Kayaking Club)

UConn Whitewater is dedicated to sharing the experience of whitewater kayaking with the UConn community.

Wrestling, UConn (UConn Wrestling)

UConn Wrestling Club is one for students to continue or begin their wrestling career at a collegiate level.