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Husky Pack Parkour (HPPK)

Husky Pack Parkour is UConn's first official club that is dedicated to teaching the art of motion known as "Parkour." No athletic or previous Parkour experience is necessary.

Husky Sport

A program that pairs UConn students with students in schools in Hartford’s north end. Using sports as common ground for learning, Husky Sport has instilled the importance of service to community in every participant.

Jujutsu Club, UConn (UCONN WSRJJ)

Started in 1976 by Dr. Andrew Yiannakis, the club incorporates the ideas of traditional Japanese Jujutsu, in a new system Dr. Yiannakis created himself: The Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu. The system stresses the harmonization of mind and body.

Kendo Club, UConn (UConn Kendo Club)

Kendo means "The way of the sword". Kendo is a martial art that trains a mature spirit, inner strength, and a calm soul. Combine this with developing strength and speed through the body and sword and you get Kendo.

Krav Maga, UConn

Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defense system designed to efficiently protect oneself in dangerous situations. In addition to its self-defense applications, Krav Maga builds confidence and is great for conditioning. Contact us at

Men's Competitive Ice Hockey Club

This organization is an affordable and casual hockey club that is composed of intermediate to advanced hockey players. The team participates in a weekly practice as well as a weekend game against local schools in Connecticut.

Mixed Martial Arts Club, UConn

This club caters to fans of the fastest rising sport of Mixed Martial Arts. We teach the basics of mixed martial arts regarding standing and clinching in order to spread the sport to the people that love it.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Club, UConn (UCMT) (UCMT)

The UConn Muay Thai club aims to be an organization that welcomes people of all experience levels - whether it's your first day or if you've been fighting for years, we'd love to have you join us. Come with an open mind and be ready to work hard!

Nutrition Club, UConn (Nutritional Sciences Club)

A club open to all majors aimed at providing nutrition education to the university and community, along with participation in community events with a nutrition-related emphasis.

Outing Club, UConn (Outing Club)

We make people's outdoor related dreams a reality.