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Climbing Team, UConn (UCCT)

The purpose of the UConn climbing team is to bring a competitive nature to the climbing community currently on campus. It is our goal to train, practice, and compete regionally in bouldering and sport climbing competitions, while representing UConn.

Club Golf Team, UConn (UCCG)

A competitive, non-varsity, golf team that competes in the National Collegiate Club Golf Association. Competitive for both the fall and spring seasons. *****INTERESTED PLAYERS PLEASE EMAIL*****

Club Track and Field

Club Track & Field will seek to further the student body's ability to perform and understand the events of Track and Field. This will include the training and performance of the sport and use of all associated equipment. We are a competitive club.

College Diabetes Network, UConn (UCCDN)

The purpose of this organization is to provide peer support and supply education and development resources to students affected by or living with Type I Diabetes.

Endurance, UConn (UConn Endurance)

UConn Endurance--we run for FUN!

Fencing Club, UConn (Fencing Club)

UConn Fencing Club is an organization meant to teach new members, and foster fencing veterans' technique and skill through practice and competition.

Fit UConn

FitUConn is one of 15 chapters of Fit University. It is a club dedicated to helping students of all ability levels find a way to integrate healthy habits into their campus lifestyle. FitUConn is where students come to get fit, and stay fit.

Girls Pick Up Lacrosse, UConn

Recreational level lacrosse. Intersquad scrimmaging and/or practice held 1-2 times per week.

Gymnastics, UConn (Gymnastics)

A club for gymnasts who want to continue doing gymnastics. It's a great way to meet other people with the same interest, along with an opportunity to practice those old gymnastics routines as well as learn new skills!

Hurling Club, UConn

The purpose of the UConn Hurling Club, through the coordination of its members and outside expertise, is to develop and preserve a team dedicated to the pursuit of learning and regularly playing the ancient Irish sport of Hurling.