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G.E.D. Urban Dancing Crew, The (The G.E.D.)

The UConn urban dancing crew produce a space for students who like dancing, especially urban dancing, to learn and practice their urban dancing skills. We also promote some MV covering dances. No prior experience is needed. Welcome everyone!

Game Design Club, UConn

A club for people interested in any aspect of game design to learn, play, and create.

Gamer's Guild

This organization is all about tabletop board games, card games, RPG's, war games, etc. The club is open to anyone in the community.

Gaming Club, UConn (UCGC)

The UConn Gaming Club (UCGC) aims to create a community that nurtures the growth of competitive gaming, provides a home for gamers to create relationships and experiences in, and empowers each individual to make their own mark within the gaming world.

Gamma Iota Sigma, XI Chapter (GIS)

Actuarial Science co-ed fraternity that facilitates interactions between current members and employers, furthers understanding of what it means to be an actuary, and provides social outlets during which members can network with one another.

Gamma Phi Beta (Gamma Phi)

Gamma Phi Beta's mission is to inspire the highest type of womanhood. Our vision is to build women of character who celebrate sisterhood and make a difference in the world around us.

Gamma Sigma Sigma (Gamma Sig)

Gamma Sigma Sigma is a non-selective community service sorority whose purpose is to assemble university students in the spirit of service to humanity and to develop friendship among students of all races and creeds.

Gender & Sexual Identity NYC/Storrs Alternative Break

This week long alternative spring break will focus on LGBTQ social and political activism. Participants will work with agencies that support the LGBTQ community in New York City. We will volunteer with agencies like safe-sex educators and youth groups.

Genetic Engineering Team, UConn (UConn GET)

We aim to compete in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition and to expose students to the field of Synthetic Biology. Meetings: Beach Hall Rm 201, Fridays, 9-10AM and 10-11AM (second meeting for those who can't make the first one)

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