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Fantasy Football Club (FFC)

Our first meeting serves as a draft night as we help students form leagues with others on campus. Beyond that, weekly meetings will be dedicated to helping students with lineup questions and provide those in club leagues with a chance to discuss trades.

Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)

The Purpose of FOCUS shall be to foster authentic Catholic community life through the coordination of Bible studies and fellowship events. FOCUS will work toward its goals by inviting students into authentic relationships to bring about community life

Fencing Club, UConn (Fencing Club)

UConn Fencing Club is an organization meant to teach new members, and foster fencing veterans' technique and skill through practice and competition.

Field Hockey Club, UConn

The club field hockey team builds a higher level of skilled field hockey players, as well as great friendships between our members. Anyone interested in playing field hockey is welcome to become a part of our team.

Fife and Drum Corps at UConn (UFDC)

We are a musical organization , focused on Connecticut's music heritage, building community, learning and playing music.

Figure Skating Club, UConn

The purpose of UConn Club Figure Skating is to compete in United States Figure Skating Association Intercollegiate events.

Filipino American Student Association (FASA)

The Filipino American Student Association aims to gather together the Filipino community at UConn as well as those interested in the Filipino culture to promote unity, camaraderie, and awareness through educational, cultural, and social events.

Finance Society

Finance Society is a student run organization that connects students with successful business alumni, presents them with networking opportunities, and hosts roundtable discussions and learning sessions about the world economy and financial markets.

Financial Technology Club (FINTECH)

An organization to help University of Connecticut students spearhead innovation and entrepreneurship in the financial technology space. In addition, the organization will work with faculty to expand curriculum for the field of financial technology.

First, UConn (First)

This organization is a hybrid 'fun group' and educational society. It is tasked with gathering alumni from FRC teams at UCONN as one cohesive family, educating them, developing their professional skills, and allowing them to network with other alumni.

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