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Forestry & Wildlife Club (Forestry)

The Forestry and Wildlife club deals with a variety of outdoor activities including maple syrup production, apple cider making, hiking, fishing, wildlife management, timber harvesting and other special interest activities.

Geology Club

This club provides an opportunity for students interested in Geology and the Earth to learn more through meeting with students & faculty, outreach activities, and periodical field trips like mineral collecting, caving and EarthCaching. Open to all majors

Herpetological Society, The UConn (UConn Herp Club)

The UConn Herpetological Society is a society dedicated to the research, conservation, and general understanding of Reptiles and Amphibians.

Horticulture Club at UConn (Hort Club)

The Horticulture Club is an academic and social club that meets on a weekly basis to get involved in horticultural activities and events. Membership is free of dues and open to all who have an interest in horticulture, gardening, botany, floral art etc.

Morgan Drill Team, UConn (UConn Morgan Drill Team)

Ambassadors of the Morgan Horse bloodlines developed at the University of Connecticut.

Paws and Claws, UConn

The mission of this organization is to promote the welfare of animals and educate the public about animal-related issues. We want to facilitate the adoption of animals in shelters, increase awareness, volunteer & make contributions to animal shelters.

Poultry Science Club, UConn (Poultry Club)

Educate UConn students and the community about Poultry! Our events include holding a booth at Cornucopia, aiding with Little I, and an annual Omelet Demonstration at the Big E in the fall, as well as a 4H Poultry Show and a trip to Atlanta in the Spring.

Real Slow Food at UConn (RSFU @ UConn)

We are a combination of the Slow Food Movement and the Real Food Challenge. We aim to improve the culture of food on our campus by coming together to enjoy and promote whole, healthy, organic, local, and fair trade food.

Soil & Water Conservation Society, UConn Student Chapter (SWCS)

Meetings every Monday at 6:30 pm in ITE 127! New members welcome to get involved any time!

Spring Valley Student Farm (SVSF)

Spring Valley Student Farm provides students with the opportunity to share their interest in sustainable agriculture through organic farming. Our mission is to gain knowledge through experiential learning and develop a sustainable lifestyle.