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American Dairy Science Association, UConn Chapter of the

-The Dairy Club participates in a variety of events, pertaining to the Dairy Industry and agriculture, throughout the year. We also have annual fundraisers including the sales of our dairy club annual milk bottles, cow bells, and dairy club t-shirts.

Animal Rights Association (ARA)

We are looking to rescue dogs and other domesticated pets that are at risk of euthanasia in government sponsored pounds and kill shelters

Aquarium and Ornamental Fish Club (Aqua-Life Club)

Immerse yourself in the endless world of hobby fish keeping! From maintaining a small betta bowl all the way up to C02 infused freshwater planted tanks and living reef aquariums, UCONN Aqua-Life Club, has it all.

Beekeeping Club (UCBC)

Beekeeping Club allows students to engage in both hands on and educational activities relating to Beekeeping. These activities include the maintenance of beehives to produce honey and the pursuit to understand more about these eusocial insects.

Birding Club, UConn (UConn Birding)

The purpose of UConn Birding is to learn more about the biology and conservation of birds, provide students with avenues into ornithological research, and above all, to enjoy the pursuit of birding with extra sets of eyes and personalities.

Block and Bridle Club (B&B)

UConn Block & Bridle is a livestock club that promotes animal agriculture through fun and educational events. Some of these events include the Little International Livestock Show, Holiday Ham Sale, and competing at a regional judging competition

ECOalition, The (ECOalition)

This group is designed to provide a platform for dialogue among environmental organizations and leaders on campus. The purpose of ECOalition is to create a setting in which collaboration between groups can occur.

Equine Club, UConn

Calling all Horse Lovers! We do events and trips all revolving around horses. We don't get a lot of opportunities to ride but we will be around horses as much as possible.

Forestry & Wildlife Club (Forestry)

The Forestry and Wildlife club deals with a variety of outdoor activities including maple syrup production, apple cider making, hiking, fishing, wildlife management, timber harvesting and other special interest activities.

Geology Club

This club provides an opportunity for students interested in Geology and the Earth to learn more through meeting with students & faculty, outreach activities, and periodical field trips like mineral collecting, caving and EarthCaching. Open to all majors

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