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Earthquake Engineering Research Institute UConn Student Chapter (EERI UConn Student Chapter)

The objectives of this EERI chapter are to improve the understanding of earthquake engineering among students and to provide the students with knowledge and skills to assess problems related to earthquake engineering.

ECOalition, The (ECOalition)

This group is designed to provide a platform for dialogue among environmental organizations and leaders on campus. The purpose of ECOalition is to create a setting in which collaboration between groups can occur.

EcoGarden Club (UConn EcoGarden)

The EcoGarden Club chooses a sustainable approach to gardening. Nutrient-rich crops are produced by preserving soil integrity with compost, reduced tillage and crop rotation.

EcoHusky (EcoHusky Student Group, The)

------------Meetings: Tuesdays @7 in Monteith 414------------ EcoHusky is a student organization that was created with the purpose of bringing students together that are interested in environmental issues and campus sustainability initiatives.

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Graduate Student Assn. of UConn (EEB-GSA)

Provides a forum in which all graduate students in the department are welcome to discuss any issues relevant to graduate school.

Ecuadorian Student Association

To provide the student body with the opportunity to explore the culture and traditions of Ecuador. To provide interest for students to discover more about Ecuador by providing social, educational, professional and recreational events.

El Club de Español de UConn (UConn's Spanish Club) (Club de Español)

The Spanish Club is a student organization that offers a space where the Hispanic language and culture are the main characters. The meetings are an excuse to learn and practice the Spanish language in an enjoyable environment, ¿Hablas Ñ?

Electric Motorsports (UCEM)

With the help of sponsors from all over the nation, UConn Electric Motorsoprts designs, builds and creates an electric vehicle from scratch every year. We compete in an international competition where students drive this car in Lincoln every year.

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