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African Students' Association (ASA)

To promote the gathering of students with an interest in Africa and its current affairs as well as provide an environment where students can can have a home away from home

Albanian Student Association (ASA)

The Albanian Student Association strives to unite and facilitate social interactions among all students--Albanian or otherwise--within the UConn community and beyond in an effort to celebrate, share, and learn about the Albanian culture.

An Cumann Gaelach (Irish Language Society) (ACG)

An Cumann Gaelach (Irish Language Society) is the student organization dedicated to promoting the Irish language and culture at the University of Connecticut!

Armenian Students Association

This is a cultural club with goal of having its member become more aware of the Armenian culture and becoming more familiar with the Armenian organizations in the area.

B.A.I.L.E. (Bringing Awareness Into Latino Ethnicities) (B.A.I.L.E)

B.A.I.L.E. is a student organization at the University of Connecticut aimed at raising cultural awareness through music and dance. Members of the campus community gather weekly and enjoy learning new Latin dances such as Bachata, Merengue and Salsa.

Bangladeshi Student Association

The Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA) is an organization formed to unite students of Bangladeshi origin and to promote and spread Bangladeshi culture within the university community and beyond.

Black Students Association (BSA)

BSA enhances scholastic, cultural, and social life on campus by representing the interests of the Black community to the University while educating the overall community on Black culture.

Brothers Reaching Our Society (BROS)

Developing men committed to academic success, professional development, and community stewardship.

Cambodian Students Association (CamSA)

The Cambodian Students Association aims to spread Cambodian awareness in and around our campus through our educational, cultural and social events.

Chabad-Jewish Student Association (Chabad)

Chabad at UConn was founded in order to build a Jewish Community by promoting Jewish pride, study and celebration for all students regardless of background. Chabad fosters strong personal relationships, educates and empowers students.

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