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Calisthenics Club, UConn (U3C)

Uconn Calisthenics Club is a great way to stay in shape with diverse body-weight, core, and cardio exercises. If you’re tired of trying to find a machine or bench in the tightly packed weight room, calisthenics is your perfect alternative.

Cambodian Students Association (CamSA)

The Cambodian Students Association aims to spread Cambodian awareness in and around our campus through our educational, cultural and social events.

Campus Big Buddies

Campus Big Buddies is a Friday afternoon campus based enrichment program for elementary age children from the Windham Heights Community Center.

Campus Youth for Christ (CYFC)

An open Christian youth group that aims to spread faithful values and teachings to help mold positive lifestyles and a brightened society.

Campus-Wide Service Initiatives

Campus-wide service initiatives through Community Outreach

Cannoli Club (CC)

A safe place for fans of the classic Italian treat - the cannoli. Our organization aims to educate, entertain, and elevate cannoli consumption on campus.

Car Club, The UConn (UC3)

The UConn Car Club is a social organization that looks to bring motorsport and performance-oriented enthusiasts and automotive networks together in the pursuit of enjoyment and learning.

Carnegie Jr. Fellows Nominating Committee (ONS Carnegie)

The University of Connecticut's official nominating body for the prestigious Carnegie Junior Fellows competition.

Celiac Disease Support Group (Celiac Support Group)

This organization creates a cohesive network of students with Celiac disease and other related issues to serve as mentors for each other as we make adaptations to successfully eat gluten free in college.


we’re on a mission to show college girls everywhere that owning your fitness is owning your life.We are liberating girls from the elliptical+proving that fitness can+should be fun. We are leading the movement that is igniting a passion in women

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