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Communication Society, The UConn (Communication Society)

A resource for those who are interested in communication; we work to increase the cohesion between the students in the communication department and the department itself. Dedicated to helping students explore the professional fields of communication.

History Club, The UConn (History Club (UHC))

The UConn History Club is a student organization dedicated to historical education and preservation. We aim to actively contribute to the history community.

Homies: Friends of the Homer Babbidge Library (Homies)

The purpose of The Homies: Friends of the Homer Babbidge Library shall be to promote and assist the UConn library by way of providing student advocacy, input on library issues, event orchestration, volunteering and more.

Huskies Unabridged

This club's purpose is to strengthen community among English majors and like-minded students through social, academic, and professional programs.

Irish Studies Alliance

Visit us at The Irish Studies Alliance (ISA) is a graduate organization which aims to facilitate Irish Studies across the disciplines.

Journalism Society

This is a professional co-ed journalism society. Great for networking, making new friends, and learning more about the field! Open to anyone interested in the field of journalism.

Psychology Club

The UConn Psychology club is dedicated to bringing psychology to those who want to learn more about the people and world around them.

Stata Club (Stata)

An academic club to promote and teach the statistical software Stata.

Student Association of School Psychology UConn (UConn SASP)

UConn SASP is focused on providing all UConn students, specifically those in Educational Psychology, opportunities for professional development, increased collaboration on research, and community service.

Teacher Education Student Association (TESA)

University of Connecticut students enrolled in the Neag School of Education IB/M program with the goal of becoming an educator.

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