Parent Organization: University of Connecticut

The Pakistani Community at the University of Connecticut (PCUC) is a student group at the University of Connecticut open to all its students (undergraduate and graduate alike), faculty, and staff.  We seek to celebrate and share our interest in cultural, political, and social fabric of Pakistan and its Central and South Asian neighbors.  Our goal is to promote heritage and provide a medium for cultural exchange at the University.  We strongly encourage anyone interested to join as we do not restrict membership.

PCUC provides students with an opportunity to meet new people and raise cultural awareness through our exciting events throughout the year.   We have organized culture shows with lots of amazing concerts with up and coming artists, dancing and music, picnics for family and friends, and many more events in the past.

Students of Pakistani heritage have been an active part of the University of Connecticut community for decades, and it is the goal of the PCUC to continue their strive to establish a clear portrayal of Pakistan and its culture, and to promote understanding in the multi-ethnic landscape of the Connecticut area.  It is through understanding, that celebration can truly be had.