Leadership Legacy Presents: Kurt Andersen

University of Connecticut Office of Leadership Programs Leadership Legacy Speaker Series Kurt Andersen, Writer TIME Magazine 2011 Person of the Year: “The Protester” Tuesday, February 28, 2012 5:00PM Lecture Hall 101 Classroom Building

The University of Connecticut’s Leadership Legacy Experience is pleased to host TIME Magazine writer Kurt Andersen to discuss his article and the 2011 TIME person of the Year: “The Protester”. Andersen will be speaking on the democratization of influence, the impact of individual action in creating/causing collective, systemic change, and the role that youth have had in protests around the world.


This event, “The Protester: The Democratization of Influence”, will be held on Tuesday, February 28th at 5:00 pm in Lecture Hall 101 of the Classroom Building on the Storrs, CT campus.  Andersen will share his experiences researching the article, studying the various protests, traveling and interviewing key players of these social movements, and offer his conclusions on these grassroots approaches to leadership that sparked this unprecedented year of protests.


Admission to this event is free.  All members of the community are welcomed to attend this lecture.


Please contact studentleadership@uconn.edu with any questions.

Posted by Krista Muise on February 20, 2012