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UConn Empower completes its first Empowerment trip ever in Cameroon!
Posted by Nabid Ahmed, Empower, UConn, on February 24, 2014

The first ever UConn Empower trip team makes its debut in the A Better World Orphanage in Mbengwi, Cameroon.

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UConn Empower hosts 3rd Super Smash Brothers Tournament!
Posted by Nabid Ahmed, Empower, UConn, on February 18, 2014

The gamers of UConn assembled at CLAS on Saturday, November 9th, 2013, to see which one of them could come out on top as the Melee Grand Champion!

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UConn Empower makes a huge splash with USPLASH!
Posted by Nabid Ahmed, Empower, UConn, on February 16, 2014

Over 1000 members of the UConn student body took over the center of campus on Sunday, September 8th, 2013 to have a crazy waterballoon fight for a great cause!

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Community Service Opportunities
Posted by Ashley Gravina, National Residence Hall Honorary, Order of the Blue and White, on February 10, 2014

Ways to earn points. One point per hour of service!

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Connect with Adolescents with Horace Porter School P.L.U.S.
Posted by Audrey Kelley, Horace W. Porter School Plus Program, on February 9, 2014

Apply now! Click underneath for the participant application. Feel free to contact Audrey with any questions at

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Pencils of Promise at UCONN is in full swing for Spring!
Posted by Taylor Sisson, Pencils of Promise at UCONN, on February 4, 2014

We're ready for our Spring 2014 semester, are you ready to join us?!

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UConn Poetic Release hosts poetry slam
Posted by Sabine Quetant, Poetic Release, on January 30, 2014

By Matt Gantos Staff Writer

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¡Reúnete con nosotros esta tarde en Dog Lane!
Posted by Ruth Zenaida Yuste Alonso, El Club de Español de UConn (UConn's Spanish Club), on January 30, 2014

Reunión del Club de Español

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Spring 2014 Meeting Information
Posted by Allison Pratt, Coalition of Writers (UCOW), The UConn, on January 28, 2014

Meetings this semester will take place on Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm in Math Science 415!

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Circulate the Love
Posted by Rachel Wice, American Red Cross Club, UConn, on January 28, 2014

the Greek Challenge for our February blood drive